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Buying Tips

Buying Tips

Which window shades and blinds is the right one for your room?

Do you want to transform your room into a classy, stylish, and elegant style? Then you must consider adding window blinds to your room. A well-chosen window blinds can bring a transformative effect to your room as well as give shades and privacy to your place.

If you are planning to install a made to measure blinds for your home, you need to consider a lot of things aside from the color and size of window blinds.

Well-chosen quality blinds can add an element of style and complement the design of your home. And because there are different blinds materials available in the market, we listed some buying tips that you may consider for your window blinds.

To help you remodel your room into your desired aesthetic design, here are some of the buying tips that may help you in choosing the right window blinds for your home and office space.

1. Window blinds style

Window blinds can come in various styles. And each style has different functionality and design. Here are some of the popular styles of window blinds.

- Venetian Blinds - or known as horizontal blinds. This style has horizontal panels and made of wood or aluminum. And you can adjust these horizontal panels to change the level of sunlight that you want to allow in your room.

- Vertical Blinds - This type of window blinds is the same as the Venetian blinds. The only difference is it has vertical panels. You can also control the amount of light that you want to enter yours.

- Also, with vertical blinds, you pull it to one side or both sides of your window. Different types of fabric material may be used in vertical blinds to match the style of your room.

- Roman Blinds - This type of blind is made from fabric materials and designed to fold when raised. It has a cord woven through the fabric which connects to the cords into the back of the fabric panel. This allows you to raise or lower the shades are an accordion pattern.

2. Decide which room you are designing

In designing the room of your house, you may want to have its personality, style, and purpose, right? You need to settle first what design and style that you desire for your room. This will make the window blinds shopping much easier and simpler.

To let more light in, you can have light-filtering shades or sheer shadings for your kitchen. And the best way to provide privacy and less light to your bedroom, you can pick slumber shades of window blinds.

When decorating your living room, it is best to have something colourful and bold patterns and styles. These window shades will help your living room pop-up and fashionable.

3. Know your options

Made to measure blinds are broken down into four different features that it offers: light control, privacy, fashion, and energy efficiency. In decorating your room, you shouldn't be worried about what is the latest trend. And finding all these features in one window blinds can be a tough choice. Instead, look for what window blinds that offer features that you value the most.

So, make sure that you review all the pros and cons available for the type of shades that you choose.

4. Measure and Installation process

Not measuring the space that they are decorating when buying window blinds is a common mistake of most people.

Window blinds should be unobstructed when it is fully extended. That is why you need to measure your window space before decorating and buying. Your window blinds should hang freely. So to assure precise measurement, use a steel ruler and find the dimensions of your windows.

If you are unsure of doing it on your own, you can ask the help of a window covering professional to help you in measuring and installing your window blinds. You can reach them to help you find the perfect shades for your window treatment.

5. Consider the direction of your windows face

This is an easy tip when buying window blinds. Finding out which direction your windows facing will help you decide which type of blinds is suitable for your room. A window facing to the south and west tends to receive more light and heat. That is why you can use a set of thicker window blinds designed to reduce heat gain and light control. While the windows facing the north and east side are much easier to pick a window blinds style. This is because they are not exposed to the same conditions of the window facing the south and west side.

Enjoy Buying Quality Window Blinds

Choosing the right window blinds for your home or office space doesn't have to de daunting. It should be thrilling and fun. You can express yourself and personality in choosing your window blinds. You can mix and match the style, color, and design of the window blinds to the interior of your room.

Here at The Blinds Company, shop online for high-quality window blinds for any room in your home or office. We have a wide collection of Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, motorized blinds, blackout blinds, loft blinds, roller blinds, kids blinds, and made to measure blinds. You can now feel the modern vibes of our quality blinds as well as the privacy that it brings to your room.

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